Two Letters

November 25, 2015: The day before Thanksgiving. The day before one spent with family. The day two little letters changed my life. The letters were M and S. I had known that it was a possibility for the past year and a half when I first started having neurological symptoms, but somehow I had convinced … More Two Letters


I am Enough

What comes to mind when you think of me? Mascara? A good wine? My cute little doggy? Strong coffee? If you follow me on Facebook, those are definitely some recurring themes…but what about words like FMLA or disability? How about the letters M and S? Disability isn’t always black and white and when I first … More I am Enough

Lost and Found

I’ve always been a writer. For as long as I can remember, writing has come easily to me. It’s therapeutic. I write when I’m sad. I write when I’m angry. I write when I’m lonely. I write when I’m trying to figure something out. For the first time in my life though, I feel like … More Lost and Found

Making it Work

Last month marked the one year anniversary of this blog and although I sat down several times to write about it, I just couldn’t make it happen. A lot of really amazing things have happened since I first started this blog and I’ve made truly remarkable progress in so many areas of my life but … More Making it Work

Little by Little

A few weeks ago my family and friends came together to support me at our local Walk MS event. They raised funds, they sacrificed their Saturday morning, they donned their orange gear, and they walked with me…all three of those sunny miles. As I walked I remembered how I struggled through the one mile route … More Little by Little


Today I forgot that I had MS. I didn’t remember until I got to work and saw my Walk MS team sign hanging in my office. I was surprised at first, not that I had MS but that I forgot. How could I possibly forget something like that, I wondered? I felt a little guilty but … More Mindful


When you can’t always count on your body to handle the everyday things that life throws at you, you learn to listen for that little voice that says, “pace yourself,” or “skip the stairs”. It begins as a fleeting thought that’s gone before your brain even has time to process it but as time goes … More Balance


This disease is confusing and so utterly frustrating at times. I’ve been feeling good. Actually, I’ve been feeling great. These past 30 days have been awesome. The injections have been getting easier. I have had more energy. My mood has been up. My sleep has been mostly good, and my anxiety levels have been the … More Prelapse

Hello Heels

Yesterday I was standing on the sidewalk waiting on the light to change on my walk to work, when I happened to look down and notice my shoes. I smiled. It wasn’t that there was something wrong with them. It was that there was something RIGHT with them. I realized that without much thought I … More Hello Heels

The Evolution of Me

Today is the anniversary of the day I’ve compared every other day to for the past 364 days. It’s the day that has never been too far from my mind. It’s a milestone, an achievement, and a celebration but it’s also a source of anxiety and burden that I’ve been working so hard to overcome. … More The Evolution of Me