MS Gait, In My Own Words

Imagine you’re in a public, semi-unfamiliar place such as an airport or a mall where there are lots of people to maneuver around. The cleaning staff has just mopped up a big spill on the floor and you need to get to the other side of it. You can’t go around it so you’re forced to walk on the wet, slick surface. You suddenly become conscious of what your legs and feet are doing in order to prevent a fall. Your steps are more rigid because you’re trying to prevent as little friction as possible. You’re looking for puddles and slowing down as you round a corner. You might even hold your arms out for better balance. When you finally get to the other side, you breathe a sigh of relief because you made it without a fall. That’s what walking is like for me every single day. … More MS Gait, In My Own Words

In My Own Words

Life with MS is extremely unpredictable and the daily struggle is real. A symptom may flare up one day and be gone the next. I may have trouble walking today but not the day before. Fatigue may have wiped me out last week but this week I’m feeling on top of the world. I might … More In My Own Words

Invisible Illness

“Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.”  – Phaedrus One of the most difficult aspects of life with MS has been learning to cope with the embarrassment that comes along with my symptoms or my limitations. Hard days seem to just be made up of a series of one awkward moment after another. … More Invisible Illness


For the past few year, I’ve been struggling to find my place in the world. No longer young, not yet old, I am at that brief (and almost non-existent) stage of life where aside from the dog, no one depends on me and I don’t depend on anyone else. My career is stable. My marriage is child-free and un-complicated. My simple life … More Otherhood