The Salad Days

I am an anxious person and as much as I try not to, I tend to view life as a series of tasks to be completed. The next item on the agenda of life for me and my husband is to start a family. I’m really ready to have a baby. So ready that every child I see in the grocery store makes me smile and every baby’s cry I hear makes my heart ache. And even though every part of my soul is telling me to jump into this task head first, I can’t help but hear a tiny voice somewhere in there gently telling me to RELAX, to enjoy the salad days because one day I’m going to miss them (and maybe even want them back). Nothing can curb my baby fever but while I eagerly await the arrival of motherhood, I think I’ll just cuddle up to my husband on the couch while we share a Pop Tart in the peace and quiet of our childless home.

Inspired by the Daily Post: Tart



4 thoughts on “The Salad Days

  1. I just want to tell this..
    I don’t know if you would read this. But still I feel something everytime I read your content. It’s some kind of a pain passing through me and a realisation point. It has taught me too many things, that I would need in my future. You writing about your weakness, teaches me to be strong.
    Lots of love to you

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    1. I think you are right. I don’t write about the good things very often because I don’t need to write in order to work through my positive emotions but I DO need it to work through the hard ones. That being said, my life definitely isn’t all doom and gloom. I love my life and the people in it and try to be the very best me that I can be. Thanks for reading.

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