Hello Heels

Yesterday I was standing on the sidewalk waiting on the light to change on my walk to work, when I happened to look down and notice my shoes. I smiled. It wasn’t that there was something wrong with them. It was that there was something RIGHT with them. I realized that without much thought I … More Hello Heels

The Evolution of Me

Today is the anniversary of the day I’ve compared every other day to for the past 364 days. It’s the day that has never been too far from my mind. It’s a milestone, an achievement, and a celebration but it’s also a source of anxiety and burden that I’ve been working so hard to overcome. … More The Evolution of Me

The Salad Days

I am an anxious person and as much as I try not to, I tend to view life as a series of tasks to be completed. The next item on the agenda of life for me and my husband is to start a family. I’m really ready to have a baby. So ready that every child I … More The Salad Days

One Day

As a kid I always envisioned my grown-up self as a successful, independent woman. I knew that I wanted a career that I was proud of and I worked hard to make that happen. Even though kids and a husband were never really part of that early vision, I knew that they most certainly would … More One Day

Polka Dotted Brain

Yesterday I passed one of the most important tests of my life. After two years of ups and downs with MS, I had a stable MRI. My neurologist’s exact words were, “Your brain looks perfect.” My heart fluttered for a moment and then my soul smiled. No new lesions. No brain atrophy. It was the best … More Polka Dotted Brain