One Day

As a kid I always envisioned my grown-up self as a successful, independent woman. I knew that I wanted a career that I was proud of and I worked hard to make that happen. Even though kids and a husband were never really part of that early vision, I knew that they most certainly would … More One Day

Polka Dotted Brain

Yesterday I passed one of the most important tests of my life. After two years of ups and downs with MS, I had a stable MRI. My neurologist’s exact words were, “Your brain looks perfect.” My heart fluttered for a moment and then my soul smiled. No new lesions. No brain atrophy. It was the best … More Polka Dotted Brain


I am a giver. I give without ever expecting anything in return and it’s slowly sucking the life right out of me. I have a tendency to totally disengage emotionally when dealing with a stressful situation or experience because my focus is on doing, not feeling. I don’t usually consider the way that I feel … More Giver

Blind Faith

Making a big life change is scary, but I’ve come to find that regret is 100 times scarier. I recently accepted a job offer and officially report for duty two weeks from today. Although I’ve changed jobs several times in my career as a healthy, able-bodied individual, the idea of doing so as a chronically ill person with a moderate level of … More Blind Faith